Dodging The Toxic Bullet

“Boyd’s powerful, well-documented book will shake readers out of their complacency and empower them to take action against environmental hazards.”
– Library Journal, April 1, 2010

“If knowledge is power, then getting more people to understand how omnipresent potentially damaging toxins are is a vital first step.”
– Georgia Straight, April 23, 2010

“Reckless corporate polluters are violating our right to live in a healthy environment.  Their chemicals poison our air, water, and land, damaging our children’s brains, diminishing their growth, and causing illness and death.  David Boyd’s book is a blueprint for reclaiming our most fundamental human right to live in healthy, dignified communities free from the daily threat by deadly poisons.”
– Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.
President, Waterkeeper Alliance

“Environmental threats to health are numerous today.  They cause us concern and raise questions that are hard to answer, more so because doctors and allied health professionals are not trained to answer them.  In Healthy People, Healthy Planet, David R. Boyd cuts through the confusion and gives us the practical information we need to protect ourselves and our families from harm.  I will recommend this book to patients, colleagues, and friends.”
– Dr. Andrew Weil, MD, best-selling author of Natural Health, Natural Medicine

“A well-written and user-friendly guide to protecting yourself and your family from the pollution that surrounds us.  This empowering book takes what can sometimes be a scary and overwhelming subject and boils it down to some common-sense To Do Lists that will easily fit into anybody’s busy lives.  A must-read!”
– Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie, co-authors of Slow Death by Rubber Duck

“Panoramic but not superficial, concerned but not panicked, future focused but not forgetting history; this book is an excellent overview for everyone who must know more about the future of health and the planet.”
– Dr. Richard J Jackson MD MPH
Professor and Chair, Environmental Health Sciences, UCLA School of Public Health, former Director of the US National Center for Environmental Health

Healthy Planet, Healthy People paints neither an unwarranted pretty picture nor a panic-provoking portrait of our environment and its impacts on our health. Instead, Boyd provides plenty of practical pointers that succeed in passionately promoting hope in our ability to protect ourselves, our families and our planet.”
– Dr. Lynn Marshall, MD, Past President of both the Canadian Society for Environmental Medicine and the American Academy of Environmental Medicine

“As a medical doctor involved in caring for people suffering from various health conditions related to adverse environmental exposures, I am grateful for this important work. The invaluable information and practical advice relating to chemical exposures and health preservation in this book should have a central place in health facilities, educational institutions, government departments and media resource centres.”
Clinical Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta

“Amidst the complex stew of facts, beliefs and rumours about human health and the environment comes David Boyd’s clear guidance regarding environmental causes of disease, the diseases themselves, and appropriate protective measures. It is a fascinating, dramatic and necessary book.”
– Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert, oncologist and founder of The Natural Step

“When it comes to the world around us, what we don’t know CAN hurt us, especially our kids. In Healthy Planet, Healthy People David R. Boyd brilliantly exposes the womb-to-tomb risks in everything from bad air to bad diets, but every chapter has a happy ending – – he gives us the practical steps to save our planet and ourselves!”
– Terry Tamminen, Secretary of the California Environmental Protection Agency for Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, author of Lives per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction

“This is essential reading for any parent or concerned citizen. Boyd’s writing is accessible, intelligent, informative and balanced. He empowers us to live more healthily and clean up our acts, without unnecessarily “freaking us out”.”
– Dr. Alan Abelsohn MBChB, FCFP
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine and Adjunct Professor, Centre for Environment, University of Toronto

“For pregnant and breastfeeding women or any parent of young children, this is an essential resource. It is a balanced and informative guide that will give you the information needed to raise children safely amid the environmental health risks which surround our communities. David Boyd is a clear voice amid the misinformation that encompasses environmental health.”
– Dr. Elin Raymond MD FRCSC
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Toronto

“This is precisely the sort of book people need to deal with our increasingly toxic society. To date we have been taking advantage of the life-giving resources our planet provides and jeopardizing the potential for future generations to a healthy life. Boyd presents very workable strategies for us to cope with hazards in the environment, and provides some key tools that will help us to shift towards a sustainable future.”
– Dr. Daniel Rainham, Chair in Sustainability and Environmental Health, Dalhousie University, Canada

“A delightfully practical guide on how individuals in a polluted world can take charge of their health and know their rightful place in influencing public policy to clean up the mess. It distils what is known about so many pollutants and provides direct ways to avoid them.”
– Dr. Colin L. Soskolne, Professor of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada and Senior Editor of Sustaining Life on Earth (2008).

“A wonderful guide to making our food, air, and water safer. Boyd offers excellent advice on reducing toxic hazards in our everyday lives while showing us something more important still: How to become advocates for planetary survival.”
– Gideon Forman, Executive Director, Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment

“Perhaps a great reawakening remains possible for the human race. Dr Boyd’s book provides a roadmap for integration of personal well-being with the web of life. Deep joy, vibrant health, and peaceful satisfaction are the abundant reward.”
– Joel Solomon, CEO of Renewal Partners and Chair of the new social venture fund Renewal2, is a results-oriented initiator and business activist.

“Bogged down with vested interests, governments are not protecting our health and environment as we would hope. However, we shape our world with our everyday choices.  Knowledge is power, and this book is packed!  It is the empowering book for healthier people, happier households and a healthier world.”
– Dr. Meg Sears, Environmental Health researcher associated with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute, in Ottawa Canada

“In a swamp of good intentions and contradictory information, even the most ardent person trying to make sense of environmental health issues is apt to believe or to do mistaken and useless things, which help neither one’s environment nor one’s health.  What David Boyd does for people is equip them with evidence to make knowledgeable and not ideological choices. The heart meets the mind in this book, and in that merger, myths fall.  Recommended reading for politicians and polluters both.”
– Dr. Amir Attaran, Canada Research Chair in Law, Population Health, and Global Development Policy, University of Ottawa

Healthy Planet, Healthy People is a beautifully written, yet practical, guide that everyone should read. Packed with wisdom and knowledge, if we all followed David’s recommendations our health and the health of our planet would improve remarkably.”
– Dr. Elaine MacDonald, Senior Scientist, Ecojustice

“David Boyd is one of Canada’s leading environmentalists. In Healthy Planet, Healthy People: How to Protect Yourself and Your Family From Environmental Hazards, he highlights practical things that you and your family can do to protect yourself from the many man-made dangers that we create. It’s a highly sensible guide with easy available tips and ideas that I never knew and never thought about that can make me and my family healthier. I can’t wait to institute these ideas in my household!”
– Kevin Chan, MD, MPH, FRCPC, FAAP
Pediatric Emergency Physician, Hospital for Sick Children, Faculty of Medicine, University of Toronto

“I posted notes all over the house to myself as I read this book: what organics to buy, questions to ask the water utility, what materials to use in our new home, and how to protect my developing fetus from chemicals. Now I don’t have to waste time inside on the internet researching this stuff topic by topic because Dr. David Boyd did it for me. I am off to play outside (after I check on the air pollution index and pen a short letter to the PM).”
– Dr. Ginger Gibson, Adjunct Professor in Mining Engineering, University of British Columbia

“David Boyd is a leader on environmental issues. He is a lawyer, investigator, and educator.  His new book on the connection between human health and the environment underscores the need to fight pollution at its source, and to enforce the laws meant to protect ourselves and our families from environmental hazards.”
– Mark Mattson, President & Waterkeeper, Lake Ontario Waterkeeper

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