David Suzuki’s Green Guide

Green Living Book of the Year 2008

“This compendium offers practical and easy to execute advice from Canada’s leading environmentalists on what individuals can do everyday to reduce their carbon footprint and conduct a responsible, eco-friendly lifestyle.”
– CTV.CA, December 5, 2008

“This book is more than just a checklist or guide to being green. It is also filled with inspiring true stories of countries, cities and everyday people who have embraced greener, cleaner, healthier choices, all the while working toward a positive, sustainable outcome for ourselves and our planet.”
– Adventures NW Magazine, September 9, 2008

“David Suzuki’s Green Guide provides concise but thorough advice, in clear and readable text, for those who want to live greener but are overwhelmed by confusing media reports. …Focusing on well-being and the big picture, Suzuki and Boyd turn around the conventional wisdom that living green means sacrificing comfort and convenience; providing information that the green life is frequently healthier and happier… Their approach is easy and joyful, ideal for the person who thinks going green is impossible or who is at a loss on how to begin.”
– Library Journal, 2008

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